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Use of manufactured topsoil (RPS 190)

The Environment Agency  has published revised guidance on the use of manufactured soil in England, which is an activity that will require an environmental permit if you want to use manufactured topsoil because it is made from waste. However, if … Continue reading

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BAT Conclusions For Large Combustion Plants published

Thursday, 17 August 2017 saw the publication of the “BAT (Best Available Techniques) Conclusions for Large Combustion Plants (LCP)” in the Official Journal of  the European Union, which, principally, to the energy and heating sectors. There is a four-year period … Continue reading

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Consultation: Water Supply and Sewerage Licensing – Updating Security and Emergency Measures Directions

A limited consultation (1 August – 29 August 2017) has been started for a revision to the Directions made by the Secretary of State (Defra) and the Welsh Ministers to Water and Sewerage Undertakers (Undertakers) and to Water Supply and/or … Continue reading

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Water and Sewerage Companies’ Performance Report 2017

Within the United Kingdom, there are nine water and sewerage companies that operate wholly or mainly in England, providing clean (drinking) water and waste water (sewerage) services. It should be noted that there are an additional 10 water-only companies providing … Continue reading

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Treatment and disposal of invasive non-native plants

Many Environmental Managers working across the construction sector or with Facilities Management for a number of sites will have experienced the dreaded Japanese Knotweed or its cousins; Himalayan balsam and giant hogweed. These plants are what is known as “Invasive … Continue reading

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Environment Agency ESOS Newsletter No. 3 – 2016

Following my earlier posts regarding the Environment Agency’s Newsletters on the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (see Environment Agency ESOS Newsletter No. 1), the Environment Agency has published its third newsletter for 2016. As the impact of the first phase of ESOS is being … Continue reading

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Right Waste, Right Place Campaign

Speaking with prospective clients about their waste management often provokes conversations about the disposal costs & the bureaucracy of all the paperwork. Once I can move the discussion to the positive aspects of reviewing waste minimisation or recycling strategies to reduce … Continue reading

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