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Latest and developing issues of legal / regulatory compliance in the environmental field

New Groundwater Vulnerability Maps to be published for England & Wales

Currently, the Environment Agency are updating their groundwater vulnerability maps to reflect improvements in data mapping and understanding of the factors affecting vulnerability. Additionally, there will  new groundwater vulnerability maps for Wales, which have been developed using the same method. … Continue reading

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Use of manufactured topsoil (RPS 190)

The Environment Agency  has published revised guidance on the use of manufactured soil in England, which is an activity that will require an environmental permit if you want to use manufactured topsoil because it is made from waste. However, if … Continue reading

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Private Rented Property “Minimum Standard” Guidance for Landlords

This is a follow-up article on my original blog “Proposed Energy Efficiency Standard for UK rented Properties” way back in April 2015, which covered the UK Government’s proposal for draft legislation under the Energy Act 2011, which established a framework that requires … Continue reading

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Starting on-site Guide for Construction

Whilst researching for useful guides for one of my clients in the construction sector, I found “Starting on-site”, which is a free publication made available by the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA). The guidance provides useful guidance for … Continue reading

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BAT Conclusions For Large Combustion Plants published

Thursday, 17 August 2017 saw the publication of the “BAT (Best Available Techniques) Conclusions for Large Combustion Plants (LCP)” in the Official Journal of  the European Union, which, principally, to the energy and heating sectors. There is a four-year period … Continue reading

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The process for the Great Repeal Bill starts…

Following on from yesterday’s (29 March 2017) Prime Minister’s letter triggering the Article 50 process to facilitate the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, the UK Government have published the White Paper to start the process for the Great Repeal … Continue reading

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Treatment and disposal of invasive non-native plants

Many Environmental Managers working across the construction sector or with Facilities Management for a number of sites will have experienced the dreaded Japanese Knotweed or its cousins; Himalayan balsam and giant hogweed. These plants are what is known as “Invasive … Continue reading

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