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World Accreditation Day 2014

This year, World Accreditation Day will be commemorated on June 9th, 2014 with a focus on the role that accreditation plays in providing confidence in the provision of energy. In a brochure describing the importance of accreditation, key environmental issues are … Continue reading

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Expressions in ISO International Standards

Users of ISO International Standards and other normative ISO deliverables [Technical Specifications (TS), Publicly Available Specifications (PAS), International Workshop Agreements (IWA) may wish to update on the use of expressions commonly used in the world of standardisation. The  following definitions apply in understanding … Continue reading

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Pesticides impair bees’ ability to gather food

New research from the University of Sussex and the University of Stirling adds to the controversial issue that pesticides ingested by bumble bees can seriously impact the insects’ ability to collect food, even at very low levels of contamination. The study, … Continue reading

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Environmental report for further onshore oil and gas licensing

As highlighted in my earlier post Regulatory Roadmap: Onshore oil and gas exploration in the UK regulation and best practice regarding the environmental permitting regime for the onshore oil and gas industry, the United KIngdom Government is pushing ahead on its commitments … Continue reading

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Are the proposed new EU climate and energy targets “fit for purpose”?

The European Commission has suggested major changes in policy for 2030, with fewer binding targets. This position has been analysed by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) in a briefing that offers an analysis of what is proposed and sets … Continue reading

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SEPA shows that sustainability is a worthwhile challenge

As if to underline that being sustainable can be a challenge even for an environmental regulator, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has published its ‘Sustainable SEPA’ report provides an annual update (for the period covering 2012 – 2013) on how SEPA is … Continue reading

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edoc aims to replace paper-based Waste Transfer Note System

In recognition that the current paper-based Waste Transfer Note (WTN) system for recording non-hazardous waste movements is heavily bureaucratic, the edoc project has been led by the Environment Agency in partnership with the CIWM, Reconomy, WRAP, Northern Ireland Environment Agency and … Continue reading

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