Use of Evernote in Auditing

EvernoteIn a slightly, different post than normal, I would like to highlight the software that I use for audit records and keeping ahead of the maze of documents that are necessary to access on a regular basis.

The software is provided by Evernote and is available for Apple computers, Windows PCs, iPad and Android systems as well as being available from the developer’s website at The software or app is available for free and the only payment for the premium facilities, which for many users will not be needed.

Evernote provides tools that allow you to store notes, documents, photos, web pages, voice recordings, tweets and anything else that you might need to record. All these records can be stored in Notebooks and tagged with the great feature that all this information is synced between your devices and held by Evernote, so it allows for great access and availability as well as backup all rolled into one application. All notes can be geo-tagged, so you know where they were made as well as the normal date / time stamp.

Storing Website Content
When audit planning, I conduct thorough research on the client and any background information on the business sector, their processes and environmental issues with a great many web-searches. Whilst I set-up a bookmark in Internet Explorer for future reference, I can store the actual web-page in Evernote Notebooks and add keyword tags for retrieval later.

Audit document can be photographed for further discussion at the interim or closing meeting. This enables near instant access to the key procedures and impresses the client, that you can call up key requirements from their own management system quicker than they can. In accordance with confidentially and good audit practice, I ensure that the records made with Evernote are deleted, so as not to compromise the Client / Auditor relationship.

Auditor audio notes
During my preparation for the audit or, at anytime, I will use the audio function to record a key concept, issue or phrase. This helps to keep the ideas to flow and record at the same time. There is a speech to text function make the conversion even easier with no additional typing.

So go ahead and try out the Evernote software for your next audit, client meeting or any other application that will help you to be a more effective auditor.


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