Waste Hierarchy

Waste Hierarchy

Waste Hierarchy

Recently, I attended a joint Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) / CIWM (Chartered Institute of Waste Management) workshop with the support of the Environment Agency aimed at improving the understanding of the Waste Hierarchy for waste producers.

Many businesses are unaware of how significantly waste impacts on their bottom line.As the demand for materials grows worldwide, raising input costs, it makes sense for businesses to adopt the waste hierarchy with responsibilities to prevent waste, and apply the waste hierarchy before the transfer of waste.

The waste hierarchy has been transposed into UK law through the Waste (England and Wales) REgulations 2011, which came into force on 29 March 2011 with the provisions relating to the hierarchy coming into force on 28 September 2011.

The Regulations require the application of the waste hierarchy for all wastes and a declaration to be made to that effect on the waste transfer note for each waste movement.

It was concluded at the workshop that many businesses remain unaware of these requirements and that increased promotion of the benefits of the application of the waste hierarchy should be made to all waste producer.

If you are interested in the relevant documents regarding the Waste Hierarchy, please see a copy of the Regulations at http://bit.ly/pe9YKK and Defra guidance for SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) at http://bit.ly/mLekqB


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