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ASA Adjudication on ExxonMobil UK Ltd

It is good to see the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) taking action with its new-found powers (see ASA to regulate on-line “Green Claims”) over the ExxonMobil UK Ltd advert claiming research into algae-based biofuels could help counter climate change. The TV advert featured a scientist … Continue reading

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Freecycle – A great opportunity

It is always rewarding to get in-touch with others through networking. Currently, we are having some building works at our home and there always appears to be a great deal of waste produced through the building process. Some of the … Continue reading

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ASA to regulate on-line “Green Claims”

After publishing my earlier post “Green Claims Guidance for Business”, it is interesting to see that the Guidance has been backed up with a real opportunity for the monitoring and enforcement of on-line Green Claims made on websites. The Advertising … Continue reading

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